Feb 28, 2013

Cheroo, Aboriginal (Hindoo), Palamow - c1860's

The Cheroos
The Cheroos of the present day call themselves children of the Moon, “Chun-drobuns,” wear the “Janeo,” or Brahminical thread, and declare themselves to be a branch of the Western Chutrees. Their origin is not ascertained. The most distinguished of the race in modem times were the Rajahs of Palamow. According to the family records they were formerly chiefs of Kumaon, and conquered Bhojpore in the Arrah district, expelling the Rajah of that country. There they reigned for six generations, till driven out by a stronger tribe ; they then, some 250 years ago, invaded Palamow, driving from thence the Rajpoot Rajah, who was of the Ruksale family, and who took refuge in Sirgoojah. In Palamow they constructed two extensive forts of brick ; the first built was abandoned in consequence of some unlucky occurrence during its construction, this led to the building of the second, which is a stupendous work, large enough to contain a small town within its lofty walls. Here the last independent Rajah attempted to hold out against a British force, but the fort was breached by artillery, and he then surrendered.

The last of the race died childless, but there are three collateral branches now in existence, and Baboo Hur Buksh Rae, represented in the photograph, is the proprietor of the estate consisting of 370 villages, descended to him through the second of these branches. He is consequently a Cheroo of the best blood.