May 6, 2012

Refugees from East Pakistan During Bangladesh Liberation War 1971

Meherpur, East Pakis April 22 - Seeking Safety - With bundles on their heads, on East Pakistan refugee group leaves Meherpur, East Pakistan seeking safety in India. The refugees had to seek safety after Bangla Desh rebels were forced to retreat by Pakistani government troops on April 19 1971

 Homeless in another land - The latest exodus of refugees from Pakistan brought thousands over the Indian border to Bongaon, where they already outnumber the native population. This group has settled in an open field near Bongaon because the 29 relief camps in the area are filled. Other homeless Pakistanis continue through Bongaon, on the road to Calcutta (Kolkata), about 70 miles away.

 Beniapol, East Pakistan: General view of East Pakistani refugees sitting at food distribution center here on the India-East Pakistan border. The secessionist government of Bangla desh proclaimed its sovreignty in East Pakistan 4/13 and appealed to "all democratic countries" for recognition and assistance in the civil war with West Pakistan

Source: ebay