Oct 19, 2010

Temple at Ekteswar, Bankura District - Bengal - 1872

Photo of the temple at Ektweswar, Bankura district taken by J.D. Beglar in 1872. "Two miles south-east of Bankura, on the left bank of the Darikeswara River, is the small village and temple of Ekteswar; the temple is remarkable in its way; the mouldings of the basement are the boldest and finest of any I have seen, though quite plain; the temple was built of laterite, but has had sandstone and brick additions made to it since..." Bengal list, pp. 20-21; J.D. Beglar, Report of a tour through the Bengal provinces... (A.S.I. Vol. VIII, Calcutta, 1878), pp. 200 The parts of the temple that can be seen in this photograph are the result of alterations which bear little resemblance to the original temple's design. The temple is dedicated to Shiva and inside the shrine, a large linga is supposed to have thrust it's way up through the ground.

Source: British Library Website