Oct 15, 2010

Sculptured slab at Bilas representing the eight Saktis of Durga - Ugrachanda, Prachanda, Chandogra, Chandanayika, Atichanda, Chamunda, Chanda and Chandavati - 1896

Photograph of a sculpted image of the eight Saktis of Durga from Bilas in Rajasthan, taken by an unknown photographer for the Archaeological Survey of India Collections: Northern Circle (North-Western Provinces and Oudh) in 1896-97. Bilas is a site hidden in the dense jungle, about 65 miles east of Kotah. The archaeological remains consist of ruined dwelling-houses, palaces and temples that are Shaiva, Vaishnava or Jain and are of an ancient city formerly called Suvarna-panari-pura. The most recent inscription discovered at the site dates to the 14th century and refers to an earthquake that most likely brought about the demise of the city. Sakti (shakti) can be described as the immanent force of the goddess Devi who has many manifestations, one of which is Durga.

Source: British Library