Jan 10, 2010

The People of India - The Races and Tribes of Hindustan - 1868 - Part 6

The people of India : A series of photographic illustrations, with descriptive letterpress, of the races and tribes of Hindustan, originally prepared under the authority of the government of India, and reproduced. by J. Forbes Watson and John William Kaye between 1868 - 1875.

Teehurs, supposed aboriginal, Oude

Syuds, descendants of Mahaomed, Oude

Rajkoomars, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude

Pathans, mahomedan, Oude

Pasees, low caste Hindoos, Oude

Moormi group, Tibetans, Nipal

Mohunts of Hunoomangurhee, Hindoo, Oude

Maharajah of Benares, Hindoo, Benares

Gurgbunsees, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude

Gungapootree, Hindoo worshipper of Ganges, Benares

Ghauteea, Hindoo friar, Benares

Dundee, Hindoo devotee, Benares

Chohans, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude

Bujgotees, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude

Bhurs, supposed aboriginal, Oude

Bhur, aboriginal tribe, Benares District

Bhat, wandering minstrel, Benares

Bhali sooltans, mostly mahomedans, Oude

Bais, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude.

Aghoree, Hindoo mendicant, Benares