Dec 29, 2009

Bengal famine of 1943 Part - 2

The Bengal famine of 1943 (তেতাল্লিশের মণ্বন্তর) occurred in undivided Bengal (now independent Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal) in 1943. It is estimated that over three million people died from starvation, malnutrition and related illnesses during the famine.
This photographs are taken from Life archive hosted by Google. The photographer was William Vandivert. See the true face of British Raj and how they governed India at the end of their reign.

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Indian Army convoys of grain head out across Howrah Bridge Calcutta to villages where it will be distributed under government controlled prices

A Hindu family sitting along the roadside, suffering from the famine

ARP truck drivers picking up a child's corpse

people watching while Army convoy unloads government controlled food

A starving child stuffing himself with creamy food

A man suffering from famine, causing his bones to seep through his skin

An overheated boy washing his face off with water from a fire hydrant

A living skeleton suffering from hunger during the famine

ARP sweepers loading a young Hindu girl's corpse onto the truck

A woman sweeping up each grain she dropped, carefully off the road

A starving man sitting on the dirt covered ground

An old 64 year old peasant and his granddaughter looking out over the lush growing rice fields

A little boy being picked up by the Co.-Ordinator of Relief Officials to be fed at the government kitchen

An older Hindu man suffering from the famine

ARP truck sweepers disposing corpses and carrying them to one of Calcutta's burning ghats.

An old starving woman lying on the roadside, dying

Starving people waiting for the government controlled Grain Shop to open

Dead bodies being taken to one of Calcutta's burning ghats

Bodies of unidentified destitutes lying under mats, waiting to be burned