Dec 24, 2016

Mass migration during independence of India and Pakistan in 1947 Part - 2

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These photographs taken in 1947 during the period of independence of India and Pakistan. The photographer is Margaret Bourke-White. These photographs collected from Life Archive hosted by Google.

Moslem refugees camp near Humayun's Tomb where thousands are gathering to form a convoy to Pakistan in effort to avoid the Sikh violence against Muslims which is sweeping across India.


Citizens of a New Republic

Wreckage fr. carts & belongings Indian refugees who had been camped there before the Beas River flooded over, during mass migration because of religious conflicts.

Independence! What?

Birth of a Nation



View at Purano Qila fortress refugee camp where thousands of Moslems who have fled their homes in terror of Hindu attacks are trying to survive until they can organize a convoy for the long march to the West Punjab, now Moslem Pakistan.