May 23, 2009

Life in Calcutta (Kolkata) - 1944 Part - 11

an American serviceman, Glenn S. Hensley took these amazing pictures in Kolkata during Second World War (In the Year 1943-44). He donated these photographs numbering almost 600 to University of Chicago. The text with the pictures written by the photographer himself.

Hooghly River small boat, downstream from Howrah Bridge

Hooghly ferry several miles upstream from Calcutta metro area

Home or club south of Calcutta's downtown. It was on the extension of Chowringee.

Hair cutting barbers at work near west approach of Howrah Bridge on river front

Ghat activity at unidentified spot

Early morning scene along Diamond Harbor Road between Kidderpore and Alipore

Cooking a meal on small, Hooghly River work boat, moored on Calcutta side of the river not far upstream from the Botanical Garden

Bathing ghat, Calcutta side of river, downstream from Howrah Bridge

Bathing ghat immediately downstream from Howrah Bridge and across the river from Howrah station

Barge loading upstream from Hooghly Bridge,

Activity on a barge upstream from Hooghly Bridge a short distance

Activity along a street in Kidderpore area