Mar 15, 2009

The People of India - The Races and Tribes of Hindustan - 1868 - Part III

The people of India : A series of photographic illustrations, with descriptive letterpress, of the races and tribes of Hindustan, originally prepared under the authority of the government of India, and reproduced. by J. Forbes Watson and John William Kaye between 1868 - 1875.

Cole christians, aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor

Rajpoot christian, from Rajpootana, Chota Nagpoor

Korewah, aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor

Korewah group, aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor

Moonda female aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor

Bhogta, aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor

Chuttro rajah, Hindoo rajpoot, Chota Nagpoor

Rajpoot, Hindoo from Marwar, Chota Nagpoor

Khanti, wild frontier tribe, Assam

Mishmi, hill tribe, Assam

Singhpo, warlike frontier tribe (Laos), Souther

Meeree, hill tribe, Assam

Kanyang, hill tribe, Assam

Moamuria or Muttuck, hill tribe, Assam

Sonai, Assam

Dooaneeah, mixed race, Assam

Kachari, of Tibetan origin, Assam

Rengma Naga, marauding hill tribe, Assam

Hill Naga, marauding tribe, Cachar

Mara Naga, marauding tribe, Munnipore