Mar 29, 2009

[Bombay Harbour] Docks 1870

Photograph of ships in the harbour at Bombay from the 'Lee-Warner Collection: 'Bombay Presidency. William Lee Warner C.S.' taken by an unknown photographer in the 1870s. Originally Bombay was composed of seven islands separated by a marshy swamp. Its deep natural harbour led the Portuguese settlers of the 16th century to name it Bom Bahia 'the Good Bay'. In 1661, Bombay was ceded to England as part of the marriage dowry of Catherine of Braganza and was transferred to the East India Company in 1668. Spices and finely woven cloth were two of the main exports that helped Bombay to develop into an internationally significant port. Today, Bombay is one of India's major industrial centres and the capital of Maharashtra.