Feb 21, 2015

Vintage Photographs of Calcutta (Kolkata) 1903 - Part 2

I found these beautiful photographs in Flickr. Total 42 pictures of Calcutta during 1903. The high quality photographs uploaded by Flickr user Vintage Lulu. The description of the gallery as follows :

This is a remarkable set of photographs probably taken by my great-uncle Pandy (1875 - 1951) when he was posted to Calcutta, India. He was a merchant for Ralli Brothers, a famous British Greek merchant company based in Manchester. The set captures the unique atmosphere of imperial rule in the British Raj.

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Horse-drawn Car, Calcutta c.1903Horse-drawn Car, Calcutta c.1903

Two Gentlemen on Ponies, Calcutta c.1903Two Gentlemen on Ponies, Calcutta c.1903

Three Men on a Trolley, Calcutta c.1903Three Men on a Trolley, Calcutta c.1903

Tennis Player, Calcutta c.1903Tennis Player, Calcutta c.1903

Village Life, Calcutta c.1903Village Life, Calcutta c.1903