Feb 21, 2015

Vintage Photographs of Calcutta (Kolkata) 1903 - Part 1

I found these beautiful photographs in Flickr. Total 42 pictures of Calcutta during 1903. The high quality photographs uploaded by Flickr user Vintage Lulu. The description of the gallery as follows :

This is a remarkable set of photographs probably taken by my great-uncle Pandy (1875 - 1951) when he was posted to Calcutta, India. He was a merchant for Ralli Brothers, a famous British Greek merchant company based in Manchester. The set captures the unique atmosphere of imperial rule in the British Raj.

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Barbers, Calcutta c.1903Barbers, Calcutta c.1903

Sikh Gentleman, Calcutta c.1903Sikh Gentleman, Calcutta c.1903

Ivory Workers, Calcutta c.1903Ivory Workers, Calcutta c.1903

Bhisti Water Carrier, Calcutta c.1903Bhisti Water Carrier, Calcutta c.1903

Fruit Sellers, Calcutta c.1903Fruit Sellers, Calcutta c.1903

Villagers, Calcutta c.1903Villagers, Calcutta c.1903