Oct 8, 2016

Photographs of Dalchawal family - Early 20th Century

Group Photo of Childredn - Dalchawal family
Group Photo of Dalchawal family
Man from Dalchawal family
Group Photo of Dalchawal family

Notes from Kawin Salinukul who send these photographs:
These are the photo of the Dalchawal family. The group photo were taken in March 15 1915, but I believe that the self portrait were taken around 7 years later. These photo were taken in Surat. These people were my ancestors who few of the went back and forth India and Thailand, due to their business in Thailand at that time.
I would like to share a few information that I have been given from my grandfather and i would like to see yours opinion as well. Let's start with the family portrait. My grandfather told me that the house his father used to live it was an Indian Nobel/ aristocratic house. The house was so huge that it got the family grave yard in it as well. I did some research in the Internet and I saw the "dalchawalwala palace" located in Surat. But it think that the world palace may meant to be a mansion or similar to a big house. Is that even possible?
About our family history, my grandfather parent were the one who import crystal ware into Thai palace and the other royal house as well. Every thing that is European were (used to) import by his family. Then I did another research. Mostly the French and Belgium headquarter of their famous crystal ware located in India as well, is it possible that the product were shipped from India to Thailand ?
My grandfather were half Thai half India, he is the little boy on the left(in a group of three photo) he was born in Thailand in 1916 but move to India in around 1917 cause he got sick and the doctor can't cure him so his dad move him to India and stay there for around 7-10 years.
I would like to know more about the Dalchawal family. I believe that they are not consider a commoner, but most likely to be kind of wealthy. I did some research on the clothing , but it happen that I can't find any information of them.