Jul 12, 2015

Shaikh Hasan Muhammad Chishti's Tomb (Shahpur Mosque), Shahapur, Ahmadabad, Gujarat - 1885

Shaikh Hasan Muhammad Chishti's Tomb, Shahapur, Ahmadabad, Gujarat - 1885

Photograph of Shaikh Hasan Muhammad Chishti's Mosque at Shahapur in Ahmadabad in Gujarat, taken by Henry Cousens in the 1880s, from the Archaeological Survey of India. This mosque was built in 1565 in the Shahapur district, close to Shahapur Gate and the river. The pillars of the facade support nine cusped arches. Over the central five arches is a second storey, supporting a dome. The minarets, with their exuberant carving, particularly that in the niches, are among the most elaborate in Gujarat.
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Source: British Library