Nov 9, 2014

Group Photograph of Golas or Salt makers in Rajasthan - c1863

John Forbes Watson wrote in 'The People of India', 1869-72, Volume IV, in which this photograph was reproduced, "The Golahs are a low class caste or tribe of Hindoos, but by no means one of the outcast tribes...the Golahs are professional salt makers, while they are also general cultivators; for it is only in the hottest weather that they can carry out their work as salt makers...In domestic customs and religion, the Golahs do not differ from the Jats or Goojurs in any remarkable degree...Their women are not secluded, and assist their families both in field labour and salt making. Baskets of salt are shown in the photograph, as also the strong hoe with which the salt earth is dug out....The Golahs are considered a gentle, honest class, and no habitual crime is attributed to them. As a rule they are very industrious, and are not migratory or unsettled..."

Photographer: Shepherd and Robertson
Source: British Library