Aug 2, 2014

Gateways of Sanchi stupa - Madhya Pradesh, c1890's

The 'Great Stupa' at Sanchi is the oldest stone structure in India and was originally commissioned by the emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE. Its nucleus was a simple hemispherical brick structure built over the relics of the Buddha. It was crowned by the chatra, a parasol-like structure symbolising high rank, which was intended to honour and shelter the relics. 

Sanchi Stupa Dome and Gates
Sanchi Stupa Dome and Gates

 The east gate

Sanchi Stupa front gate
 The front gate

Sanchi Stupa east gate left pillar details
 East gate left pillar details

Sanchi Stupa back of west gate
Back of west gate

Credit: James Kerr (