Apr 15, 2014

First Lok Sabha General Election Scenes - Delhi, January 1952 - Part 1

 A blind old man being carried towards a polling booth by his son, to help him to cast his vote, near a polling station in Jama Masjid area in Delhi.

 A view of Polling Booth at Modern High School, in New Delhi. A long queue of women voters are seen waiting for their turn to cast their votes.

 Vote for Hut a symbol for Sucheta Kripalani (KMPP). One of the candidates for Parliamentary Constituency.

 A close up of a poster pasted on a government resident in Delhi.

 A Congress Election Camp near Willingdon Air Port, New Delhi.

 A Congress procession showing bullocks and flag. A pair of bullocks was the election symbol of Congress Party.

 A cyclist canvassing for the Congress candidate.

A front view of Congress Party election procession. A pair of bullocks was symbol of the Congress Party.

 A number of election campaigners on cycle doing propaganda work for a candidate of the Jan Sangh.

 A pair of bullocks – this was the election symbol for the Congress Party.

 A poster of Socialist Party posted on a gate of a New Delhi residence.

A rear view of a Congress election procession showing important landmarks in the Freedom Struggle.

 Communist election campaigners in Karol Bagh, a suburban area of Delhi, make use of Tonga.

 Election workers of a Political party on their mission to canvass votes for their party candidate.

Even the pipes scattered at a roadside bear the names of candidates. All possible avenues of publicity and propaganda were employed.

 Jan Sangh and Communist symbols (Lamp & Hammer and Sickle) were pitched side by side near Karol Bagh polling station in Delhi.

 Outside the Town Hall Polling Booth, Delhi - A Polling Officer is seen issuing an identity Slip to a voter.

 Posters were prominently displayed by the various candidates contesting the Election.

 The Election Head Office of the K.M.P.P. Party in New Delhi.

 The supporters of the Socialist Party carrying a poster to appeal to voters to cast their vote in favour of their candidate.

 ‘Hut’ was the election symbol of the K.M.P.P. Party. A model of ‘Hut’ for Sucheta Kripalani, one of the candidates for the House of People.

A Muslim lady being given her ballot paper at a Polling Booth.