May 11, 2013

Jamaibabu (1931, Silent) - View the Full Movie

This 1931 silent comedy movie has a hero Gobardhan (Das) visiting his parents-in-law in Calcutta (Kolkata). Making a 'No Nuisance' sign for an address, he gets lost trying to find his friend Amal's (Baurah) room. His subsequent adventures take him to famous locations including the Victoria Memorial and the Maidan. Gobardhan eventually reached his in-laws, feigns illness to prolong his stay, is beaten up when he tries to sneak into his wife's room and gets mistaken for a thief.

Here are some screenshots from the movie

Gobardhan at Railway Station

Gobardhan reached to Amal's hostel

Gobardhan and Amal at Victoria Memorial

Gobardhan and Amal at Victoria Memorial

 Gobardhan and Amal at Victoria Memorial

Gobardhan slipped in the pond

Victoria Memorial mural


 Nibha and Chhaya wives of Gobardhan and Amal

Gobardhan with his wife

Gobardhan and his wife are rubbing their legs

Amal kissing his wife