Mar 23, 2013

Satti Chaura Ghat or Massacre Ghat on the bank of River Ganges in Kanpur - c1890s

Sati Chaura Ghat has been an important maritime boarding point for the river route from Kanpur to Allahabad from pre colonial period. In recent years, after the acquisition of the surrounding areas by Cantonment Board and private industrialists, it has receded in its traditional historical importance as the center of urban life in the old city of Kanpur.
During the beginning of the colonial annexation of Awadh, the ghat had earlier been nicknamed as Massacre Ghat, by the East India Company officials after the historical events of the 1857 Indian Mutiny at Cawnpore.
It was at this location that the initial momentous events of Indian Rebellion of 1857, named as Siege of Cawnpore in British colonial records, took place.
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