Jan 6, 2013

Every-Day Life in India, Illustrated from Original Photographs by Rev. A. D. Rowe, M. A. - 1881

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There is an India of the books and there is a real India, and so different are the two that the student of the one would scarcely recognize the other, if without a guide he should suddenly find himself in a Hindu village. Many of the popular books on India have been written by European travellers, who necessarily had to confine their observations to the cities and larger towns, where they saw but little of real, undisguised Hindu life. A European traveller in India is in the greatest danger of getting false impressions. A Hindu is never himself in the presence of a foreigner. He is shy, secretive, and an adept at doing and saying what he thinks will please you. Along the routes of travel, moreover, Hindu life has become somewhat Europeanized and has lost much of its native simplicity.

Read the full book online or download PDF