Dec 18, 2012

Pandu-lena or Pandava’s Caves - Nasik, Maharashtra, 1880's

Popularly known as Pandu-lena or Pandava’s Caves, the group of 24 cave excavation is located (on the north face of a hill called Trirasmi in ancient times) 8 km southwest of Nasik town (ancient city of Nasika or Nasikya which figures in many of the donor inscriptions of west Indian caves). The caves are hewn at a height of nearly 60 – 70 m from the surrounding plains. The hill was known as Trirasmi, probably due to the location of three independent hill groups which marks the end of Trimbak-Anjaneri range of Sahyadris. Nasik also finds mention in ancient Indian literature of the pre-Christian era. Being located on the ancient rade route connecting the ports of western India and north and south Indian cities, Nasika was a major city during ancient period. The excavation carried out here shows continuous habitation from around 5th century B.C. The presence of Northern Black Polished Ware (NBPW-generally starts around 6th century B.C. and proliferates during Mauryan period) indicates its contacts with the north Indian cities.
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