Jul 7, 2012

Jahangir Mahal Palace at Orchha, Madhya Pradesh - India 1928

 The Jahangir Mahal is a citadel and garrison located Orchha, it was completed in the year 1598 by the victorious Mughal Prince Salem (later known as the Mughal Emperor Jahangir) after defeating Vir Singh Deo of Bundela a sworn enemy of the Mughals, the Jahangir Mahal was built to be a garrison and a citadel, that would allow the Mughals greater control over the rebellious Bandela. The domes of the Jahangir Mahal, were built according to Timurid customs and its grand Iwan's are large enough to accommodate the entry of War elephants and its high position over the landscape allowed Cannons to gain superior range.
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Photographer: Martin Hürlimann
Source: ebay.com