Mar 31, 2015

Still Photographs of Hindi Movie Devdas - 1955

Dilip Kumar in Devdas 1955

Suchitra Sen in Devdas 1955

Vyjayanthimala in Devdas 1955
Devdas is a 1955 film directed by Bimal Roy, based on the Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay novel, Devdas. The film had Dilip Kumar in title role, Vyjayanthimala in her first dramatic role where she played as Chandramukhi the hooker with a heart of gold and Suchitra Sen in her Bollywood debut as Parvathy in the lead. While Motilal, Nazir Hussain, Murad, Pratima Devi, Iftekhar and Shivraj playing other significant role with Pran and Johnny Walker in extended cameo appearance.
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