Sep 9, 2015

Yusuf Meherally - Indian Freedom Fighter and Ex-Mayor of Bombay at his home - 1946

Yusuf Meherally (September 23, 1903– July 2, 1950) was an Indian freedom fighter and socialist leader. He was elected Mayor of Bombay in 1942 while he was imprisoned in Yerawada Central Prison.
He was the founder of the National Militia, Bombay Youth League and the Congress Socialist Party and played a role in several peasant and trade union movements. He coined the term 'Simon Go Back'.
He coined the term "quit india"and was part of the Quit India Movement along with Mahatma Gandhi for India's last nationwide campaign for independence from the British Empire.
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Yusuf Meherally 1946
Yusuf Meherally (R) with Jayaprakash Narayan

Yusuf Meherally 1946
Photographer: Margaret Bourke-White
Source: Life Archive hosted by Google