Dec 10, 2011

Bengal famine of 1943 Part - 3

The Bengal famine of 1943 occurred in undivided Bengal (now independent Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal) in 1943. It is estimated that over three million people died from starvation, malnutrition and related illnesses during the famine.
This photographs are taken from Life archive hosted by Google. The photographer was William Vandivert. See the true face of British Raj and how they governed India at the end of their reign.

Photographer: William Vandivert
Source: Life Archive hosted by Google

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 A young Hindu girl serving food to the starving citizens suffering from the famine

 An old 64 year old peasant and his granddaughter

 ARP truck sweepers disposing corpses and carrying them to one of Calcutta's burning ghats

 Children poking grain cars with wires, trying to pierce bags and pull grain down into bags 

 Transportation of food grain

 Distribution of milk between children in a relief camp

 A famine affected man changing his cloth

 Mother feeding her baby

 Famine affected people

 Famine Affected family

 Hindus burning their starved dead

 People working in a field in famine affected Bengal 

 Relief officials at work 

 Relief officials at work 

 Relief trucks carrying famine affected people

 Relief trucks carrying famine affected people

 Relief trucks

 Starving families sitting in the hot scortching sun 

 Starving Child

 Starving People lining up for food

 Starving People lining up for food 

 Starving People lining up for food in a relief camp

The skeleton of a starved man lying in a field after being eaten by vultures and jackals