Dec 3, 2010

Stafford Cripps and Mahatma Gandhi - 1942


On March 27, 1942 Mahatma Gandhi called at 3-Queen Victoria Road, New Delhi, and had an interview lasting over two hours with Sir Stafford Cripps.Sir Stafford Cripps sees Gandhiji to his car, as numerous journalists surrounded the leader and ask questions.

Churchill sent Cripps to India in 1942 on what is known as the Cripps Mission to attempt to negotiate an agreement with the nationalist leaders Gandhi and Jinnah that would keep India loyal to the British war effort in exchange for a promise of full self-government after the war. No formal agreement was reached. For Churchill, the purpose of the trip was propaganda. Churchill intended Cripps to fail and blocked his efforts to give the Indians a role in the leadership of the war with the help of Linlithgow. (Wikipedia)