Sep 19, 2010

Jamalpur Railway Workshops - 1897 Part - 2

Photograph of a view in the Turning Shop

Interior view, looking along rows of turning machines

View showing the Viceregal party walking along Steam Street at the East Indian Railway Workshops, Jamalpur taken by Basil J. Elias, December 1897

Interior view, showing rolling machinery

View from entrance gateway of the Principal District Locomotive Superintendent's Residence at the Railway Workshops, Jamalpur, which was completely wrecked by Earthquake on 12th June 1897

Photograph of the interior view of the Point, Crossing and Signal Shop

General view of the Mechanics Institute at the Jamalpur Railway Workshops
Photograph of the Locomotive Superintendent's Residence near the Jamalpur Railway Workshops taken by an unknown photographer, c. 1897. This is an imposing two storey brick building with stucco pilasters on the upper floor. Railway-related motifs have been incorporated in the building in the roof and porte-cochere, both of which have been constructed from sections of corrugated iron in the manner of station platform roofs.

Photograph of the interior view of the iron foundry

Photograph of the Boiler-making machinery

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