Sep 5, 2010

General View of Daulatabad - 1865

Photograph of Daulatabad in Maharashtra, taken by J. Johnston in the 1860s, part of the Allardyce Collection: Album of views and portraits in Berar and Hyderabad. The Hindu citadel of Devagiri was occupied and renamed Daulatabad after the Tughluq conquest at the end of the 13th century. In the 14th century it was for a time the capital of the Bahmani sultans of the Deccan. It was later taken by the Mughals in 1633. The impressive fortress is situated on the top of a steep hill 200 metres high. There are three concentric lines of fortifications between the outer wall and the citadel which is reached by steep flights of steps. The Chand Minar, or Moon Tower, seen in the foreground in this view, is a pillar of victory situated opposite the Jami Masjid (1318). It consists of four circular storeys and a central fluted section erected by Ala-ud-Din Bahmani to mark his conquest of the fort. The base of the minaret has twenty-four small chambers. Glazed Persian tiles originally covered the entire tower.

A Contemporary Photo of the same area

Photographer: J. Johnston
Source: British Library Website