Aug 7, 2010

Moohafiz Khan's Mosque Ahmedabad - 1880

Source: British Library
Photographer: Charles Lickfold

This signed print shows the mosque of Muhafiz Khan in the old city of Ahmadabad in Gujarat. Ahmadabad was founded as the capital of the Gujarati sultanate in 1411 by sultan Ahmad Shah I. This mosque is located in the northern sector of the city. It was built by Jamail-u'd-din, minister to the sultan Mahmud Shah Begarha and governor of the city from 1471. The mosque was constructed before this appointment in 1465. The view shows the two minars of the mosque, elaborately carved in typical regional style, and the adjoined prayer sanctuary from the south-east. The mosque has three arched openings in the sanctuary facade. The interior is divided into five bays and three aisles by carved pillars. There are five prayer niches indicating the direction of Mecca which create corresponding projections in the external back wall.