Jul 4, 2010

Old & new Palace, Makarpura, Baroda - 1890

Photograph of the old and new palaces at Makarpura, near Baroda in Gujarat, from the Lee-Warner Collection: 'Baroda views and buildings, c.1890', taken by an unknown photographer. Situated to the south of Baroda, the palaces were built by the Gaekwad Maharajas as country residences. They are surrounded by English-style formal gardens containing pergolas, fountains, and grottoes. The old palace was originally built by Khande Rao (r.1856-1870). The retreat was enlarged and improved when the new palace, at right, was built by the Gaekwar Sayaji Rao III (r.1875-1939) between 1883-1890. It was designed by Robert Fellowes Chisholm (1840-1915) in an Italian Renaissance style and is connected to the old palace by a central corridor. This view shows the rear of the old palace in the foreground, with balconies and steps leading down to the gardens, and the arcaded classical facade of the new palace beyond.