Jun 9, 2010

Kesri Singh, Thakur of Piploda 1903

Photograph of Kesri Singh (1872 -1919), Thakur of Piploda from the 'Wheeler Collection: Portraits of Indian Rulers,' was taken by an unknown photographer in 1903. Stephen Wheeler, the donor of the collection, was presumably related to J. Talboys Wheeler, organiser of the 1877 durbar and author of 'The History of the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi' (London, [1877]).

Full-length standing portrait of Kesri Singh, Thakur of Piploda. Piploda, located in Rajasthan, was controlled by the Doria Rajputs and was founded by Shardul Singh in 1547. Kesri Singh, succeeded as chief of Piploda in 1887.

Source: British Library (bl.uk)