Apr 1, 2015

Calcutta ( Kolkata ) 1945: An American Military Photograph Album - Part 4

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Kalighat temple
A strong contrast to the splendor of the Jain temple is the Kalighat temple, built in the 1600's, worship place of Hindus. It is famous for the practice of sacrificing goats, as many as 1500 having been slaughtered in one day. On the bank of a canal cut from the original Ganges bed, it is the temple of the Goddess kali.

The Jain templeThe Jain temple, Parashnath Mandir, is Calcutta's gaudiest and most elaborate temple. The Jains are a sect of the Hindus, a great many of whom belong to the money-lending class, are shrewed and frequently wealthy.Jains do not believe in taking a life, often even wear a nostril veil to prevent inhaling of insects.

Native madman Native madman is allowed to roam the streets naked, accosting cars, sitting down in middle of the street or anything else that takes his fancy. How he escapes being run down or run in by the law is one of India's mysteries.

Belive it or not, this man has just bitten the head from a live Krait snake. He is professor Sher Mohammed and his feats include drinking acid, eating glass, fire-walkig. He is a legitimate performer and has spent the war years touring for the entertainment of Indian troops rather than poach on sidewalk tourists.

 young showmanRagged urchins roam he streets begin GI audiences to let their mangy monkeys dance the 'american Jitterbug' dance. This unfortunate young showman has offended the long arm of the law and is prodded along. The Monk seems to realize the position.

Source : library.upenn.edu