May 3, 2009

Life in Calcutta (Kolkata) - 1944 Part - 5

The Hensley Collection is comprised of photographs taken during World War II by an American serviceman, Glenn S. Hensley. The photographs, numbering almost 600, were given to the University of Chicago Library by the photographer. The text accompanying the images is derived from notes written by Mr. Hensley.

The images include a rich array of photographs taken in Calcutta during 1943-44 by Mr. Hensley, a professional photographer participating in the surveillance of the Japanese in Burma for the U.S. Army. During his off-duty time Mr. Hensley used his ethnographer's eye to capture daily life in a number of locations around India. The majority of the images are from Calcutta and its environs. Other locations in this collection are Madras, Kharagpur, Agra, and Burma. The photographs and notes were prepared by Hensley for his wife to use in teaching world history courses in Missouri during World War II.

Looking northeast across the intersection of Chowringee and today's Lenin (Was Dharamtolla, I think) street. Esplanade tram terminus is off to the left, out of sight

Looking down from Nahkoda Mosque on street activity

intersection of Nehru Road and Esplande Row East Calcutta Statesman newspaper office is just out of sight to right

Intersection of Chowringee Road and Dharamtolla (S.N Banerji Road). taken from an upper floor of the Statesman office. Victoria Memorial and Ochterlony Monument are visible

Government House (Raj Bhavan.) Gate on side toward Dalhousie Square

From Nahkoda Mosque on street activity .
Note: brick blast walls to protect from potential bomb damage

Esplanade Chung Sun Chinese restaurant is visible at far left

Editorial offices of Calcutta Statesman, a daily newspaper. Located at the corner of Bentinck Street and Chittaranjan Avenue

Calcutta Post Office seen across Dalhousie Square from today's Brabourne Road (Opposite old No. 8 Dalhousie Square)

Blast walls show as well as the hand-spattered paint on building walls, an attempt to tone down their brightness during black-out periods