Apr 10, 2009

The People of India - The Races and Tribes of Hindustan - 1868 - Part IV

The people of India : A series of photographic illustrations, with descriptive letterpress, of the races and tribes of Hindustan, originally prepared under the authority of the government of India, and reproduced. by J. Forbes Watson and John William Kaye between 1868 - 1875.

Tibetan Buddhist, Tibet

Munipooree female, Himalayan origin, Munipoor

Meech, (Trans-Himalayan origin), Darjeeling

Lepcha, aboriginal, Sikhim. [male]

Lepcha, aboriginal, Sikhim. [female]

Lepcha water carriers, aboriginal, Sikhim

Lepcha peasants, aboriginal, Sikhim

Lepcha female, aboriginal, Sikhim

Lama (Buddhist priest), Tibetan, Pemianchi

Kookie, robber tribes, Cachar

Interpreter at Darjeeling, Tibetan, Bhotan

Group of Nagas, marauding tribe, Cachar

Group of Bhotanese, chiefly of Tibetan origin

Cheboo Lama, Minister of Sikhim, Tibetan, Sikhi

Bhotia, trans-Himalayan, Sikhim

Bhotia, Buddhist, Tibet

Bhotia female, trans-Himalayan, Sikhim

Bhotia female, Buddhist, near Lhassa, Tibet

Bhotanese, chiefly of Tibetan origin, Bhotan