Dec 12, 2008

Dalhousie Square Calcutta (now BBD Bug) 1865

Photograph from the Vibart Collection, of the Dalhousie Square at Calcutta taken by an unknown photographer about 1865. Dalhousie Square, originally named Tank Square because of the presence there of the spring-fed tank which provided a large part of the water supply for the city, was later renamed Dalhousie Square after the Governor-General Lord Dalhousie. The square became the main administrative area for the city, containing Writer's Buildings, the East India Company's offices for new employees and the General Post Office, built in the 1860's. The Square has since been renamed BBD Bagh (Benoy Badal Dinesh Bagh) after three Indian freedom fighters. This view was taken from the west side of the square looking towards Writers' Buildings and St Andrew's Church on the north side. The tank is in the foreground.

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