Nov 4, 2014

Mumbai (Bombay) - 1950

Mumbai, previously officially known as Bombay, is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India, and the most populous city in the world, with a population of approximately 14 million. Along with the neighbouring urban areas, including the cities of Navi Mumbai and Thane, it is one of the most populous urban regions in the world. Mumbai lies on the west coast of India and has a deep natural harbour. As of 2009, Mumbai was named an Alpha world city. Mumbai is also the richest city in India, and has the highest GDP of any city in South or Central Asia.

Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador Hotel (Right hand side building)

Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador Hotel

Street photo from the balcony of the Ambassador Hotel

Snake Charmer in Mumbai

Mumbai Hawkar

Mumbai Tanga

Churchgate Building in Mumbai, HQ of Western Railways. It was built by the architect F W Stevens between 1894 and 1899. Photo by F. H. Andrus.

Churchgate Building in Mumbai

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Images by Francis Hadden Andrus


Jihad Punk 77 said...

great photos as usual.

sagar_GD said...

AWESOME!!!!...simply AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

They take you back in times where people in Bombay were Happy......

abhijeeth said...

Superb. ..traffic free Mumbai

Anonymous said...

bombay is my favorites evergreen city,s

Anonymous said...

Awesome Collection...but i want to suggest one correction...for last two pics...Its not Churchgate...its "Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus"(CST) Old name Victoria Terminus(VT) HQ of Central railway....

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